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What's Her Story?

We thought you'd never ask

Her Story, a natural haircare collection made with clean yet effective ingredients. We use Clean ingredients that perform, so you don't have to sacrifice your strands or your peace of mind.

We look forward to a world where checking product labels for harmful ingredients isn’t necessary. Until then, Her Story is doing the dirty work. Being consciously clean means we triple check the labels and our ingredients, so you don’t have to. 

That's Her Story.


Our Mission

"Her Story takes pride in being clean. We've eliminated harsh sulfates, toxins, parabens, artificial dyes, Synthetic fragrances and we are cruelty free."



Did you know?

The beauty and cosmetic industry is unregulated. We did research on many beauty products and realized most are not natural and/or organic. In fact, many beauty brands contained ingredients that scored poorly for toxicity and skin irritants. 

What's your story?

Owning your story is the bravest thing you'll ever do. We believe there is power in the story, Her Story.


Embrace it. Share it.

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