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Hi, I'm Her.

Nice to meet you!

Asia Hall is the founder of Her Story, a clean haircare collection bottled and manufactured in the United States. 


After years of being natural, she discovered the lack of clean ingredients in "natural" beauty brands. Most of her favorite products, were effective, but full of controversial toxins. With 3 years of extensive development and research, Asia launched Her Story and took the stance to no longer sacrifice her health or her strands.

Prior to founding Her Story, Asia represented Fortune 500 companies in internal communications, brand story-telling and digital technology. While working with various clients, she had the opportunity to create connections with others through their pain points and the art of story-telling.


Today, she uses her brand and voice to support organizations & programs that empower others to share their story. 

Natural haircare

I am Her. You are her, too. our hair is the story. Her Story is compiled of several chapters. Throughout each chapter in life, we will grow, we will transcend and we will share our story. No story is the same and neither is our hair. My hope is that Her Story encourages you to love yours, boldly and proudly. After all, your story was perfectly written for you. 

Share it. The world is waiting. 

Just like a great book, Her Story will have many chapters. We hope you find a chapter within Her Story that resonates with you.


If you haven't found one yet, don't worry.

There's more to the story, Her Story. 

- Her 

Feel the vibe...

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